Feature request.. Wipe config option as part of the firmware load

I would like to ask for a feature enhancement to MP

Use case: When I flash the firmware I would like to be able to wipe the config and flash fresh

Expanded reason:

There are times when I would like to start over fresh due to some setting that was made in the FC software. The current method is to flash as something else, like plane or antenna tracker. Once that completes then the next flash is to apply the “real”.

If there was an option to wipe prior to flash, as part of the flashing procedure this would alleviate an extra step of flashing to something else.


The method by setting the parameter SYSID_SW_MREV to zero and rebooting the board seems to work.

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Indeed, the only difference that its called FORMAT_VERSION nowadays…

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Ah right, I see that in Master.

Thanks for the info.