Feature request: UAVCAN ESC Failsafe (or other telemetry capable ESC)


Could it be feasible to have a failsafe for ESC in motor spool up phase and in flight. This could result to a safer systems.

Most/all UAVCAN ESC report errors, RPM and other information to autopilot, which could asses the state of ESC/motors based on the information.

For example the failsafes could be following:

RPM failsafe trigger:
For example if motors don’t reach specific RPM before end of spooling a failsafe would be triggered and takeoff will get denied (forced disarm).

Error trigger:
Failsafe would be triggered If a specific (or any) error code is given by ESC continuously or once. While on motors are spooling up it would force disarm, but in air that would give a warning or trigger failsafe behavior.
For example ECS could be in overload and reporting that to autopilot. It would be nice to relay that information to pilot.