Feature Request - Survey - Set speed

Hi Team,

Just wondering if there is an easier way to set mission speed when conducting a survey , or spline survey.

It would be great to be able to set the speed to suit the camera refresh rate, or to even just manually set the speed when setting up the survey.

Cheers for your time, and thanks.

Do you not have the DO_CHANGE_SPEED mission item in Tower?


I do, however, whilst playing around doing a low altitude mission this morning, I forgot to set it, and ended up with an unusable data set.

Which made me think, how could this be further idiot proofed?

You can set speed when you are in the editor page very easy, just push a Wp button and choose change speed option.
That’s what you need? If you don’t find I try to take a snapshot (my english is not very good to explain)