Feature request: Support for I2C multiplexers

This problem has received little attention in the past, the only query I could find was this feature request, which can problably be considered dead. However, I’d like to call it to attention once more

I’d like to connect several I2C devices to a flight controller, using an I2C multiplexer. In my concrete example, I have 8 sonar range finders of type GY-US42v2 which all come with the same fixed address. I currently attempt to work around this by connecting the multiplexer to a microcontroller, which queries the sensors and sends everything via Mavlink to the FC’s serial port (the inspiration came from this Github page).

Are there any current plans (or demand) to support multiplexers?

There is a youtube video of a guy building a large hexacopter and I think he has one of what you are asking about.
Search herelink large hexacopter.

You can use a canbus port expander to get more i2c ports.