Feature request - governor,

I’ve been looking into getting a helicopter again after a long break, and installing APM onto it. However, it seems really weird that APM can not stabilize rotational rate of a rotor - there are still free analog inputs for Hall sensor, and I’m sure some processor cycles can be spared for that.
ESC’s governor function, external governor… That’s not quite it when we already have powerful processor onboard.

Another feature that would be nice is having more than one option with 3-pos or such switch on channels 7 and 8. I have spare 3-pos switch and I want to put both Simple and Super Simple modes on it. Yep, I can look into doing it myself, but forking, recompiling the soft, modifications to mission planner… Don’t want to dig into it.

Well, a Hall effect RPM sensor is digital, not analog. So it’s not so easy. It would require heavy usage of an interrupt, working through the NuttX layer… it’s a bit much for me.

I have actually got a program that makes an external Tachometer on a cheap little board like an Arduino Mini, which I plan to interface over I2C.

That’s probably about as good as it’s going to get unless somebody else can figure out how to do the interupts necessary to do the pulse counting right on the board.