Feature request for sailboats

I am slowly moving forward with my autonomous sailboat. To be able to use APM Planner it needs to support communicating an displaying wind information. I think that could be useful for planes and copters as well.
Information that i would like to be able to log and display:

Magnetic Wind Direction (0-359 degrees)
Wind speed (knots or m/s)
AWA, Apparent Wind angle (± 180 deg)
AWS, Apparent Wind Speed (knots or m/s)

I don’t know if it is possible to have different Modes for different types of vehicles with different information displayed?

I guess this will require some modifications to the MavLink protocol as well?

I will look into the APM Planner source code, but i think it will be to complicated to add the features myself.


Hi Magnus,

I know you posted this quite some time ago…
Did you make any progress?
I am currently looking at an identical project.

my emphasis is creating a solution that will optimize sails and heading for most efficient beating to a windward waypoint.