Feature Request: cut off power of ground steering servo after landing gear up

Is there’s way to cut off power of ground steering servo after landing gear up? I don’t want the servo of steering move after landing gear up because of some limit of retractable landing gear。
the fc is f405WING,servo output 6 is ground steering and servo output 5 is for rudder,GROUND_STEER_ALT has set to 5m,but i found the servo output 6 still move when the Alt has above 5m.

I am not a plane guy nor have I done this so no expert.
But couldn’t you use the Relay function to disconnect power to the servo on command.

My Fc is f405WING,it can only provide 3.3v if useing one servo output as relay,the ground steering servo need 5v.
I checked arduplane wiki carefully and found the wiki shower:

The GroundSteering output function acts much like the rudder output function except that it only acts when the aircraft is below GROUND_STEER_ALT altitude. At altitudes above GROUND_STEER_ALT the output will be the trim value for the channel.

When the plane is above 5m,As refer to wiki above the ground steering servo output should be keep in trim value if GROUND_STEER_ALT=5。but I found ground steering servo output in the mission planner still move when I control rudder in the air,I put a camera under the plane and make sure ground steering servo move when the plane in the air。
Is that I set something wrong or feature bug。