Feature request: Can the LED pin be programmed for a strobe?

The Kakute H7 (which I have) and a bunch of other FCs have dedicated LED pins. These normally default to showing AP’s status codes. It would be fantastic to be able to program that pin to emit a blip (e.g. 3.3V or 5V) or a burst of blips every now and then, which can then be used to control a proper HV anti-collision strobe via a MOSFET. Right now I have to resort to a DYI micro Arduino board to accomplish this, which adds complexity, weight, and EM interference issues to my build, not to mention the fact that it’s a really tight fit.

What I was thinking was something along the line of:

LED_ACTION=0,1,2 // 0 nothing, 1 status, 2 strobe
LED_STROBE_BURST=0…4 // how many quick pulses to send per burst
LED_STROBE_DELAY=0…5 // how long to wait after each burst in seconds


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H7 boards are capable of Lua scripting.
This can be done quite easily.

Good to know, though I think I am not sure how I would address the LED pin on the Kakute. It doesn’t seem to be a properly defined UART… So how would serial:find_serial(0) find an actual instance that I can write to, presumably with something like UART:write() ? Do I need to configure that pin somehow from AP?

Or perhaps this is best done through the serialLED class? (though I am just looking to saturate the channel for short periods of time, not looking to control colorful LEDs with pwm signals)