Feature Request - Autotune for ground steering in Plane

I am experimenting with adjustments to improve ground steering in Plane during auto takeoff, and I’m struggling to get it optimized. it’s a very tricky thing. I have reduced THR_MAX to 45%, which is just below the point where the plane can take off, and activate auto takeoff. the plane races down the field, but can’t quite lift off. I observe how accurately it holds a straight heading, and make adjustment to improve it. But I wish there was an autotune for ground steering, much like autotune in flight, where I could steer it wildly around the field and it would learn its ideal settings.

Ideally, the end result is dead-straight auto takeoffs, both while gaining speed on the runway and during takeoff and climb, such that I can safely takeoff from a narrow runway with trees on either side.

A friend with the same model plane (Volantex Ranger EX) gave me his parameters file after he spent a lot of time tuning each of the ground steering settings. I applied it and I’m very happy to say I now have perfect ground steering.

This is mission mode with takeoff as the first item. Throttle has been limited to 45% to prevent an actual takeoff.

So thank you to the developers of Ardupilot who have clearly given the tools to tune ground steering, albeit quite manually.

I have the same plane. Could you share the ground steering parameters that you used please? TIA

sure mate, give me a few days to plug it in and download those parameters. it’s in pieces at the moment getting a new paint job and some upgrades.