Feature Request: Auto-TakeOff -> Poshold -> Land

Is something like this possible:

You arm the copter, change say channel 8 to high, copter takes off to 2 meters and changes to PosHold, you make channel 8 low, the copter lands.

I think this would be a very useful flight mode for new pilots because they would not have to worry about manually changing flight modes (i.e. althold for takeoff, then poshold, thenland mode).

What are your thoughts?

Why not just take off in poshold, fly in poshold, land in poshold?

It’s how my friend fly’s the tricopter I built for him.

It means you have to have a gps lock in order to arm, it flies nicely but as soon as you come off the sticks it sits there, due to the config even if he drops throttle to 0% it will only descend gently and if he can’t land it he uses the rtl I set up on a momentary switch as a throttle cut.

Was wondering the same as Mark :slight_smile:

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos

Maybe its just my controller, but to make a descent takeoff in a restricted space, I find it very hard. Same goes for landing if there is strong wind. However, for landing, you can set a channel but there is nothing for takeoff.

Also, I was thinking that while in this mode, you could also send guided commands that can be interrupted when the pilot moves the controller. Sort of an all-in one mode.

Seriously, try just using PosHold to take off, fly and land. The GPS lock keeps it very controlled on both axis (pitch, roll) when taking off and landing. If the PILOT_VELZ_MAX is set to something like 250 then you can drop the throttle to 0 and still have a controlled descent for landing.

You can use Auto mode for a guided flight with MIS_RESTART set to 0 and just switch between the two flight modes to alternate between flying it and resuming the mission.

I think if you need a mode that does take off, flight and landing for you then you just use auto and forget about flying it yourself.

Well if you are new you shouldn;t be flying in confined spaces, additionally relying on gps modes in confined spaces is also asking for trouble.

What are you expecting if the copter in auto take off? sounds like it would be gps based, and not just climbing to a height and being blown by the wind into what ever!

Taking off in pos hold in an ideal world would just rise holding position…but as I said at the top it may not work too well in tight spaces where gps isn’t reliable.

If you are in an open space there will be no gain in this take off mode auto transition to poshold than just taking off in pos hold…none. just raise the stick and rely on the computer and gps accuracy and hope for the best.

Auto take off isn’t some infallable miracle of a mode that won’t ever crash in the wrong circumstances, none of the modes are.

My advice…learn some where open and learn to fly in stabilise and alt hold. Don’t rely on crutches. Maybe I am too traditional, I agree the gps modes are very useful I use them all the time, but I always revert back to stab if required. Learning in the gps modes and having crutches from the start just tempts you to never learn stab mode flying.