Feature request? Auto mode max speed adjust from RC

Edit: Seems it’s not available in Rover, but available in Copter. Can this be a feature request?

I’ve been running the new rover in the wild, and have the max speed dialed down for testing. Across different terrain, I can see that different speeds are appropriate. For instance, on smooth surfaces I can run much faster then I can on rough terrain where “bump steer” is a problem the faster I go.

I have 2 free rotary pots on my x9d. Can these be configured to adjust the maximum speed on the fly, while in auto mode?

No. As far as I know Rover does not have the WP Speed tune option that Copter has. I use that same function on a X9D pot for multirotors but I think your only option is a pre-planned DO_CHANGE_SPEED command in the mission.

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Bummer. Is there a way to tell if this is on the roadmap?

Searching the Github Issues for Rover>Enhancement doesn’t show a request for the feature. You could add it!

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Yes, as @dkemxr suggests, feel free to raise an issue. Rover doesn’t even have a tuning knob like Copter actually so a little bit of extra infrastructure work would be required there too.