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Feature Request - additional Auxiliary Functions

Currently there is one Auxiliary Function Channel (Aux_CH, typically Ch7_Option) in ArduRover. Would like to see additional (2 more would be great) Auxiliary Function Channels available.

This would allow using one switch for Arm/Disarm, second for set waypoint, and a third for RTL, for example. I do not wish to set up RTL on the mode switches.


It is coming… we will have some code allowing to setup each channel as aux_switch.


Great - Looking forward to this.

Do you know roughly when this will be released?


I’d like to get sailboat support included in Rover-3.5… that’s making good progress so I think we will start beta testing in probably 2 or 3 weeks.

Randy: Is there any news on when more aux channels will be implemented? thanks.

I am now running into this issue. I have opted into CH7 being ARM/DISARM, and now have no way to control LED’s (turnigy rc switch). Any news on the update?

if its not in the latest stable you can get it in master

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