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Feature in Mission Planner

(Shafwan Nordin) #1


I just wondering what are the functions of these two, the one with RED SQUARE BOX on top of the mission planner. please enlighten me about these two features.

(Nihal M) #2

The one on the top left, ( with the concentric circles) gives the Wind speed and direction during flight. Like this:

Not sure what the flat rectangle is for though. Perhaps someone else can chime in

(Graham D) #3

The long box is a graphical progression of a mission.

(Shafwan Nordin) #4

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Shafwan Nordin) #5

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Shafwan Nordin) #7

there will be a number inside the long box,what the number represent??

(Graham D) #8

Well, I was going to say either total distance flown or distance to next waypoint but running a mission in SITL shows the bar not updating as expected nor does the number make sense. I haven’t had a close look during a live mission so am unable to say that it works as expected.

(Graham D) #9

The newest version of Mission Planner v1.3.50 fixes this problem of rendering in the long box. The number is the elapsed distance of the actual mission.

(Shafwan Nordin) #10

well, that’s better. anyway cheers mate! really really appreciate the help :slight_smile: