FBWA works correctly but Manual doesn't

Following the manual I’m able to get FBWA correct the wing movements. I’m using a Mini Drak with two tilt motors on the front and a fixed motor in the back for VTOL.

When I go to Manual Mode roll works fine (left & right). When I pitch, control movements act as roll (pitch up rolls left, pitch down rolls right)

I have no mixes, no reversals on the TX. Tried reversing RCinput, reversing Function, reversing servo, etc. Probably too many changes. None give correct elevator functionality on the Elevons. It works perfect on FBWA.

Thanks in advance

Do the green bars move in the correct directions following the steps at Radio Control Calibration — Plane documentation ?

  • for roll, throttle and yaw channels, the green bars should move in the same direction as the transmitter’s physical sticks
  • for pitch, the green bar should move in the opposite direction to the transmitter’s physical stick
  • if one of the green bars moves in the incorrect direction reverse the channel in the transmitter itself. If it is not possible to reverse the channel in the transmitter you may reverse the channel in ArduPilot by checking the “Reversed” checkbox (Plane and Rover only). If the checkbox is not visible it is possible to reverse the channel by directly changing the RCx_REVERSED parameter (where “x” is the input channel from 1 to 4).

Have you followed the instructions at Elevon Planes — Plane documentation to configure things?

If your movements are incorrect then you need to adjust which servo output is left/right and the reversals of each elevon.

The parameters you should adjust are SERVO1_REVERSED , SERVO2_REVERSED , SERVO1_FUNCTION and SERVO2_FUNCTION .

If your left elevon on servo 1 is moving the wrong way for both pitch and roll corrections, set SERVO1_REVERSED to 1.

If your left elevon on servo 1 responds correctly to pitch, but incorrectly to roll, change the SERVO1_FUNCTION .

Repeat the servo reversal or function change for the right elevon.

Resolved Chris