what’s the difference between these 2 flight modes ?
I didn’t get it from the docu and flying feels almost the same.

I’ve found something as follows, it’s true?

main differences :

roll :

in fly by wire, if you keep the stick completely on the left, the plane will take a 45° roll angle and keep it precisely. when you release the stick it will level wings.

in stabilize, if you keep the stick on the left, it will roll until you release the stick. Then it will level wings.


yup, in a nutshell stabilize is manual control with simple stabilisation, while FBWA is assisted flight within preset roll and pitch limits. i’d say the wiki is pretty comprehensive on individual flight modes’ features:

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Is it ok to fly a plane in FBWA mode without GPS or airspeed sensor?
If I am not mistaking FBWA uses the “ARSPD_FBW_MIN” parameter to prevent stall (Feedback from GPS or airspeed sensor). This parameter limits your roll and pitch if the speed is too slow.
In stabilize mode the stall parameter is disabled (I think).
@Allister can you confirm. I am unable to find documentation that would confirm my hunch.

I’ve never tried to fly without GPS but I don’t think it would work. You wouldn’t have any speed reference. You can fly without airspeed sensors.

Truth be told, I did try FBWA without GPS, and after the takeoff I lost roll/pitch authority because the plane could not find a speed reference. Thus don’t fly FBWA/B without GPS.

Would it let you arm without a GPS or did you have to disable the arming checks?

I had both compass and GPS disabled. It arms fine, and the bench test was ok, but as soon as you takeoff, the stall safety parameter took over.

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I wonder if stabilized or acro would have worked. For that E-flite AS3X kind of feel…

Exactly. This is what I am trying to clarify to the community @twistedwings. “The difference b/w stable and FBWA”