FBWA Mode Crash Plane 4.1.7 [Log Uploaded]


I crashed my plane today. I provided to log in the drive link. Briefly, my main purpose of the flight was pitch tuning with autotune mode.


Related parameters,




Also, I tuned roll parameters with no problem one flight ago. (After this tuning flight, my basic tunics screen is uploaded in the drive link)

More specifically, I takeoff with manual mode and after that I changed mode to FBWA (the altitude was approximately 60 meters). After the changing, the plane started to diving movement.

The video of the flight which was crashed.

Could someone help me analysis the reason? Thanks for now.

Are you sure that the elevator deflects in the right direction in FBWA mode ? (Keep nose down, rudder should go up)

I checked before the flight. I am sure it was true.

your plane is very nose heavy. When you were flying in MANUAL mode you had the elevator almost all the way up. The plane was also flying much faster than the configured airspeed range (configured max airspeed was 22, and it was flying at 31 m/s when you switched from MANUAL to FBWA). The initial low pitch PID gains and IMAX were not enough to keep the nose up under these conditions.
I’d also note that the plane was already diving fast when you switched to FBWA.
Before you try again make sure you get the CoG right. Also note that the automatic tuning only operates when within the configured airspeed range.
Best of luck!

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You are the best, thanks !