FBWA - aileron & elevator throw decreases with more throttle

When I’m FBWA mode my aileron and elevator throw decreases as I open the throttle. On full throttle there is very little movement. On manual mode there is no difference and I get full travel whatever the throttle.

Is this normal or can I change it?

Sounds logical, you are apparently not using airspeed sensor.

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That’s right. I am not using an air speed sensor.

Is this something I can adjust? It seems the throws are being reduced too much.

take a look at SCALING_SPEED parameter :slight_smile:

Also check if you have stall prevention activated, if so the roll and pitch movement is limited when the plane is flying below the stall speed, ie when it is on the ground being tested, but it will be ok in the air when it is flying normally above the stall speed.
To check you can disable stall prevention on the ground and normal movement should return. :smiley:

I’ve adjusted SCALING_SPEED and it makes no difference. I’ve set it to both zero and 50m/s (default is 15) but still having this decrease of throws to almost nothing as the throttle increases on FBWA.

Stall prevention turned on and off but no difference.

I have answered you in your second post on this topic
I am going to mark this thread as solved as we don’t want 2 discussions on the same topic.