Faulty Lipo? Voltage drop from 24V to 6V

Hi all,

I made two flights with a fixed wing with two different 10.000 mah 6S Lipos without problems. After that I wanted to make a flight with a third 10.000 mah Lipo and when I gave throttle, the motors didn’t have much power, almost none. I took out the the Lipo, checked the voltage and it seemed OK.

Back home, watching the Dataflash logs, I saw something strange with the third lipo. The voltage was OK with motors off, but when I gave throttle, the voltage drop to 5-6 volts.

This is the voltage from the log:

Is it an indicator of a faulty lipo? Or maybe I have to look for another parameters or components? That day was hot, about 35º C, I don´t know if it has something to do with the problem.
I don’t have that Lipo to test now, but with another one it´s working OK and the motors have the normal power.


Hi dobbler,

Warm temperatures are fine for lipo batteries.

You should realy double check this one under load before doing another attempt to fly.



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