Fatshark and Pixhawk with MinimOSD

I am trying to install hexTronik MinimOSD between Fatshark and Pixhawk. I know i am getting signal if there is no OSD connected in between. If I follow the instructions on the first picture (found on this page: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … hardware…. ) the OSD board gets very hot , its on the border of frying the board. Maybe it would fry the board if i leave it for long, don’t want to risk it.

If i am trying to power the OSD board with 5V from the APM (see connection schematics on the second picture) but i don’t get any picture. Are my connections right? Am I supposed to load some firmware on to the OSD?

I am trying to hook it up based on the second option on the following link: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ion-guide/ . The Fatshark transmitter is getting the 12V from the battery trough the voltage regulator. The camera is getting the 5V from the Fatshark Transmitter.

The board seems to get power from the APM side, the three LEDs are on and i can measure 5V on the OSD video side. I tried it with my Gopro too, where i dont need to power the camera. The image comes in clear to the glasses unless i connect the OSD. Tried to enable it in Mission Planner too pressing the green button but nothing happened.

im having an issue setting up the same. no overlay…