Fastest flight mode?

If I wanted to reach maximum speed, which flight mode will that be? Can altitude hold reach maximum speed?

(Quadcopter with pixhawk)


Would have thought Acro would be the fastest but not the easiest.

Cool thanks for that. I want to test out my quad and see how fast it can go.

Yeah acro or just normal stable. Acro is definitely best as there is no any bigger averaging from autopilot. Stabile mode starts to have already higher functions running but motor speeds are still mainly controlled by the pilot.

Learn to fly on stabile mode first fast as if something goes wrong copter levels it self automatically if you let go the sticks.

Then later go to acro and release the full beast in you :slight_smile:


Drift mode is pretty fun to fly on high speed and much easier than acro.

Yeah I heard about that.

When you turn you don’t need to use yaw right? That is why it is called drift mode?

For that I use poshold mode - it’s kinda stabilize, but whenever you release the sticks it stops like loiter. With poshold i was able to reach 90Km/h.