Fastest ESC for 6S 120A

Please tell me what you think, which one is the FASTEST ESC on 6S with 120 Amps minimum.
I have an issue around the start.
I have a large plane, starting from a catapult.
Unfortunately the starting speed not really high plus a slow ESC make me big issue.
Based on my log files, the full power will be about 0,9-1 second after the start signal generated.
The max. speed from the catapult is around 11m/s, I set 14 grads, need a fastest ESC.
Please give me some information about your experience.
Thank you, Gubert.

I have read great things about apd esc, here is a link to the 120 amp esc. I’m pretty sure they make a 200 amp esc as well. These esc have telemetry, which is nice to keep an eye out on heat. These esc are faster than what a plane needs.

Do you know how this telemetry works? Does it work the same way as FETtec OneWire telemetry ESC? I though you needed UAVCAN for for ESC telemetry.

I don’t know how FETec works. the esc will need one wire for signal and one wire for telemetry. The link has more info. I use the same type of esc for my planes, I just haven’t need one with as many amps.