Faster SITL test setting (Copter 3.5.7)

Hi, all.

I am trying to test copter flight tests in auto mode multiple times.
I am using the default setup with the following guide (
However, I need to wait for the completion of the initialization step. (Until I saw “APM: EKF2 IMU0 is using GPS
APM: EKF2 IMU1 is using GPS” message)
Then, the following commands described in “” works

  • mode guided
  • arm throttle
  • takeoff 40

However, it takes too much time. (about 50 sec?)
So… is there any way to save initialization time?

Note that, if I don’t wait for “APM: EKF2 IMU0 is using GPS, APM: EKF2 IMU1 is using GPS” message
It shows “APM: PreArm: Need 3D Fix” message.

Thank you


You can speed up the time with the parameter SIM_SPEEDUP . Beware, mavproxy won’t follow the speedup and thus you can trigger failsafe.
Or you can use AHRS_EKF 10 to bypass EKF on SITL and use true ground position.

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