Failure to disarm after landing

I had an incident happen where I could not Disarm after landing. No harm was done, but it scared me and was not fun unplugging the battery on the tipped over quad copter with motors still running. I have a 650 size frame with 3508 380 kv motors. I recently changed motors and props from 580 kv to get more efficiency, but at the cost of less maximum thrust. I have been flying this copter for 4 years now and never had this happen. The day this happened it was very windy and pushed the limits of what it could handle. The logs show 2 motors maxing out a few times. The landing was dicey. It had a big wobble descending into the wind shadow next to my house. I was in a much lower gust situation once below the roof line and it landed fine in loiter mode. Slightly tilted to the right on the ground at min throttle and it would mot disarm. Didn’t look like it was rocking from the wind, but it refused to disarm. So I decided to take off again because that’s all I could do, and I had been sitting on un-level ground for some time, when I raised the throttle stick of course it tipped over due to integrator build up. Luckily for me the batter connector was on the side tilted up with the 2 idling motors and slicey carbon props.
The force of unplugging the XT-90 connector caused it to tip and a prop hit my arm. I hardly felt it, but it could have been worse.
I guess it must have thought it was still flying, but the log shows the attitude steady after landing and 0 altitude.
Log shows I held the sticks in disarm position for 9 seconds, and no crash was detected for 10 sec after it tipped over.
I don’t have the kill switch set up. The only thing different about this flight was the new motors and the windy conditions, and I did get a couple of EKF warnings during the flight.

Without a log, it didn’t happened.

Oh, it happened all right. I only have a T-log. I might have used the wrong sd card and logging keeps failing.

I don’t know if tlog would be ok for investigation as I rarely use it, AFAIK dataflash logs provide much more info. Anyway you should first address the logging problem.
Try with another faster SD card first as a bad SD Card could be the cullprit of a bad logging error.
Sorry you had a crash, but in a such event the dataflash log is critical.