Failure to connect to ardupilot on SITL mode

Dear all,

I’m having trouble connecting Mission Planner v1.3.74, executed with mono on Linux (Fedora), to the latest master and latest stable arducopter/pilot on TCP port 5760.

Mission Planner does connect to the port, because the ‘waiting for connection’ phase of arduplane succeeds as copied below. But then Mission Planner awaits for the heartbeats from ardupilot which are never received and eventually times out.

Am I missing something?

arducopter (or plane) --model jsbsim

Ardupilot output:
JSBSim backend started: control_port=5505 fdm_port=5504
Starting sketch ‘ArduPlane’
Starting SITL input
Using Irlock at port : 9005
bind port 5760 for 0
Serial port 0 on TCP port 5760
Waiting for connection …
Connection on serial port 0
Home: -35.363262 149.165237 alt=584.000000m hdg=353.000000
Opened JSBSim control socket
<ardupilot continues execution, but logs nothing else>`

does non jsbsim work?

Michael, thanks for the reply.

Alright starting with as baseline from the ardupilot dev container I was able to connect Mission Planner, so the problem must be on the ardupilot or simulator side.

Tools/autotest$ python -v ArduCopter -w --console

But then I ran into the ‘Done’ dialog issue reported here, but that’s a different matter :sob: