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Failsafe trigger 0x2


I am currently learning about ArduRover and built myself a simple Airboat to test out the Software, with Rover 4.0.0 on a PX4 FMU V2. So far I got it to drive around in Auto Mode and RTL. On my Ground Station (QGroundControl on Debian) I sometimes get the Error Message “Failsafe trigger 0x2” which results in Hold Mode. I can get it back to manual mode by setting it on the ground Station, but the Failsafe trigger reappears and stops the boat.
The Failsafe triggers regardless of the current mode, and I can not recreate the error at home. So it seems to be caused by moving/driving. Since the Rover goes in to Hold Mode it seems to be the System Failsafe, but I could not find anything when analyzing the Dataflash Logs in Mission Planner. The log messages:
MSG, 684770704, Failsafe trigger 0x2
I tried searching for this Message, but I am unable to find anything related. Could someone point me in a direction to look for? Anything related helps, documentation, similar issues or which part of the Log to analyze in Mission Planner.

Appreciate any help.

Hi Flo,
I can’t help with looking at the log etc.
I had a vaguely related problem with the same message when my safety switch was not connected properly. Maybe there is a loose connection or faulty switch that only raises its head when there is movement out in the field.
Regards, Bill

Hi Bill,

thank you very much for your input, I will remove the switch and try it again. Might take one or two weeks before I can go out to the lake again, but I will give an Update.
Regards, Flo

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