Failsafe SmartRTL or RTL

I can’t get my head around SmartRTL or RTL options in failsafe conditions, how do you select what will happen under failsafe ?
I understand what they both do.

Smart RTL =


Difference between smart rtl capable point to point return to home and only rtl = climb up to specifically hight and return to home.

Generally you have gps to its means going to rtl or land and you don’t have a gps so it will only land on that point.

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Thanks Moksh,
I understand the what differences are and what they both do. However, I don’t understand in radio failsafe for example, it says SmartRTL or RTL how (or where) do you select what will happen ?

2020-05-14 12_49_11-Mission Planner 1.3.70 build 1.3.7277.34800 ArduCopter V4.0.4-dev (fd32dff4)

There are circumstances under which smart RTL doesn’t work (flight memory is full), in that case it uses RTL.

Yes it’s right

Generally radio failsafe = in case your transmitter lose power or shutdown or maybe accidentally broke your antenna then radio signal not received by receiver also you are going on long rang and suddenly you lose your connection then trigger radio failsafe
And then trigger your choosen option like land , rtl or smart rtl or whatever.

Generally i was lots of experiment on this thread and always i see generally radio failsafe it will do RTL perform i don’t know why but looks like ok and what’s smartRTL option in there it will give you @dave answer :grin:

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Thanks @Vabe I should had read the full description here rather than the short description within the planner

Ok so let’s talk about your image

  1. Disable = i don’t know i never do that

  2. Enable always RTL it means when radio failsafe trigger then your copter mode RTL

  3. Enable continue with mission in auto …
    It means are you sure with your mission like drawing on qgc or mission planner with kind on point A to point B and drop your package or something and point C = your home it will continue your mission when no matter your radio failsafe

  4. Enable always smartRTL or RTL generally i prefer this option , i don’t know why smart RTL not perform in general case

  5. Enable always smart RTL or land it means your copter going on radio failsafe and there is 3d fix on your copter so it will perform smart RTL and some case your copter have not 3d fix so it will going on land flight mode.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about :sweat_smile:

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