Failsafe Settings

When I turn off the RC transmitter or if the wire from the receiver to the NAVIO2 is cut, then the throttle PWM values go to 1100. I am making a differential steer boat, so the ESCs are forward/reverse. So 1100 is full reverse and 1500 is neutral. When the RC is disconnected, I’d like for all PWM signals to be set to 1500, or I’d like for the boat to GPS position hold.

I set FS_ACTION to either 0 (Nothing) or 2 (Hold) and in both cases, the boat still goes full throttle reverse. Does anyone have suggestions or explanation? Thanks.

Here’s a video of what I’m talking about

You need to bind your receiver in such a way that it sends a lower PWM than 1100. Back when I used Spektrum gear I think it was below 1000. posting a parameter list would be helpful to double check RC calibration and Failsafe values.