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Failsafe not working Matek F765

Hi guys, using a matek F765 with the only available firmware which is:


With an RX6R using ACCESS protocol.

When setting failsafes on the Taranis, i cannot get it to show in mission planner (for example switching to RTL mode).

It works just fine in INAV and was also tested with a PWM servo, so the problem is not RX/TX side.]

When i enable Throttle failsafe and turn the TX off it does indeed circle then RTL.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks

I am having the same issue. Failsafe works for PWM receiver outputs, but is not recognized by the flight controller. Running Arduplane 4.05 on a Matek F-765. SBUS is the protocol being used between the receiver and FC. Control is MFD Link. Commands from the FC remain unchanged when the receiver goes into FS, as well as when receiver power is removed or SBUS cable is disconnected.

Any thoughts as to what the issue might be are appreciated.

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