Failsafe landing gear on 3.3.3

this is my setup:
pixhawk +taranis +x8r
i configured the landing gear on my tarot 650 sport
on ch12_opt =29 (landing gear) connected to aux5
and ch7 =landing gear
when i flip the switch on my taranis the landing gear deploy and retract
but i had a strange behavior on last weekend in middle of auto tune it triggered battery fail safe and RTL but the landing gear suddenly went up and i had to land without them Lucy with no damage
by the way i flew all the time with landing gear down
i am trying to figure how to test the landing gear on ground but i cant make it to work for example when i turn off my taranis while the gear is up i receive fail safe on mission planer but the landing gear wont retract automatically down
how can i check that it wont happen again in flight ?

Check the values that your receiver is sending. Reverse the channel on the Radio if required

ok and if a close my tx and failsafe trigers why the landing gear dosent come down ?
is this the only way i can check the landig gear working as it shoud on ac 3.3.3 ?
by the way i am using craft &theory script .
thank you luis for being helpful at all time.


Isn’t that the one that requires a specific build of Copter ?

no its just a script that use a dedicated cable from pixhawk to x8r

with user interface on lua that show and sound online messeges from mission planer
al the rest is the same

Hmm, I strongly advise you to contact that vendor. I’m not sure what is happening.


I am having the same problem, did you resolve it? I just setup my landing gear retraction/deploy for the first time. Not sure of exact firmware. When testing on the ground the landing gear work just as expected, but when the octocopter enters RTL, the landing gear retract and it will land on it’s belly with landing gear retracted.


Sorry for the late reply.

No I didn’t, did you?

I’m working on it this week.

Hello Michael

have you found any solutions? I have the same problem. landing gear responds in stabilize mode but when enter RTL or RETURN TO LAUNCH command in auto flight mode, the landing gear doesn’t deploy. Is there any altitude or position that has to be reached, to deploy the landing gear?