Failsafe for retracts on copter 3.53

Im using copter 3.53 and have retracts on aux 10.Also using sbus on taranis X8R receiver.
Can’t set failsafe for retracts to deploy when loss of signal

As seen here, aux switches (ch 7, ch 8, etc) are disabled in ArduCopter when in radio failsafe. ( There is currently no means to get around that. However, the landing gear will automatically deploy when the copter is in land mode, or when in the descent phase of RTL. So the gear will come down on automatically anyway.

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I want the landing gear to deploy when loss of radio signal.

[quote=“larryaamati, post:3, topic:22078, full:true”]I want the landing gear to deploy when loss of radio signal
I understand. That is not currently something that is possible. That lockout of the switches is not something you can bypass

Why cant I use my X8R and set failsafe there?
Bypassing pixhawk,correct?

If you don’t use ArduCopter’s failsafe, setting channels 1-4 to neutral, ch5 to RTL, and CH7 or CH8 to gear down, I suppose that would accomplish what you’re aiming for. You’re just not using ArduCopter’s failsafe.

Thanks for your excellent answer.
I will change retracts over to the X8R and set fail safe