Failsafe - Continue Autonomous Mission

Hi I am wondering if there is any update on the Failsafe - Enable Continue Mission in Auto option similar to that in copter etc.

When I am connected the Rover / Boat and look at setup menu (Failsafe’s) it lets you pick the continue mission option in the drop down menu on mission planner, but when I read the Failsafe pages it says after 4.1 or so you use the FS_OPTIONS instead and there is no similar option?

Also I saw a similar thread (Do Nothing Option) thread from Jul 2018 where it was discussed and recommended to be added as an issue for the to-do list; is there any update on this capability? Is it something that could be implemented with a script?

FS_THR_ENABLE set to 2
There is a FS_GCS_ENABLE parameter also if you want to set that. These are not included in the FS_OPTIONS bitmask like Copter is.

@rmackay9 perhaps these should be incorporated in an FS_OPTIONS bitmask for Rover as well?


Dave and Yuri, thanks for the rapid reply:
Dave, when I set FS_THR_ENABLE to 2, does that actually enable that function? I still get that option in the dropdown for RC Failsafe Enabling it in the Mission Planner GUI does actually Set FS_THR_EN to 2, but it doesn’t seem to be implemented in code. It still seems to deault to using only the options in the FS_ACTION Parameter, which is really just various forms of RTL, nothing and hold.
I checked out the FS_GCS_ENABLE options and that did include the continue with mission in auto, does that actually work??? Have you tested it?

Again Guys thanks for the replies.

Hi @Yuri_Rage,

Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, I think it would be a good addition to Rover/Boat…


So just for clarity, is the FS_THR_ENABLE used in Rover algorithms (as it still has the parameter and a value of 2 for continue mission) or Does the Failsafe algorithm now only use the FS_ACTION parameter?
Also does the FS_GCS_ENABLE option for continue with autonomous mission still work or is that similar to the status of the FS_THR_ENABLE?