Failsafe and camera gimbal

I recently installed the last vers it’s just amaizing :smiley: Thank’s Randy. Only a question, when the copter enters in failsafe, the FPV camera moves nose down, that not good if you lose signal and video at the same time, it’s possible to modify that the camera stays at the same position that it has previous FS or continue working normally?

Not familiar with camera gimbals. What are your MNT parameters?

Edit: Ah, it occurs to me that you may be talking about a radio failsafe, and you may be controlling the mount by radio. Currently, the mount logic has no knowledge of the throttle failsafe condition, so it will simply continue to follow whatever your radio outputs during a failsafe. Usually that is configurable.

Please confirm what type of failsafe you are talking about, how you have your mount set up, etc. Can’t help you without more information.

Yes, you need to set your Tx/Rx failsafe positions, which includes what angle you want your gimbal to be in, if you can control it with your Tx, like I do.

:blush: , obious, I installed the gimbal before I program the failsafe and no contemplate it, sorry my stupid question :blush: and thank’s for your answers :smiley: