Failsafe action set to switch?


Is it possible to set the failsafe action to a multi position switch on the transmitter rather than having to change it in mission planner?

We’re running a boat and in some areas it would be nice to have the boat failsafe action as rth and some where its safe for the boat to go into a hold mode on the same mission.

But is it possible?



If your transmitter permits mixing on throttle channel, prepare a mix with some switch that lowers throttle pulse width under FS_THR_VALUE, with FS_THR_ENABLE=1.

There is no way to change the FS_ACTION with a switch that I’m aware of.

you can do this by modifying firmware source code if you are a programmer

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Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately Im not a programmer so it looks like we will stick to changing it in mission planner.

Thanks for the replies!

Or you can do it with telemetry connected to a computer… but it will be cumbersome :slight_smile:

Similat to that but perhaps not so cumbersome is to possibly use the Yaapu GCS if you have an OpenTx radio. You could make a custom screen (easy) and place the FS parameters there and change them with the Transmitter. Granted I have only used this great tool for tuning purposes and maybe it’s a bad idea to change a FS parameter on the fly so just a thought!

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