Failing to change speed but can work with changing cruise airspeed but causing transition failed exceeded timelimit

Hi everyone

I am simulating VTOL quadplane and I recently found that my airspeed was fixed to 25m/s and even the do_change_speed hasnt been changing the speed to 12m/s. On the display hud it will still stuck to 25m/s therefore I tried changing the cruise airspeed on basic tuning and it did change the speed to 12m/s on the display but still the quadplane is exceeding speed and when trying to maintain it is causing error like “Transition failed exceeded timelimit”

any suggestions how to work around it would be very helpful!!

ausperfect.param (25.9 KB)
Processing: ausrec.waypoints…

any solution for that, im facing same problem ?

the speed set on the command 'do change speed ’ should be more than the value of the param ‘ARSPD_FBW_MIN’