Failed to load parameters in SITL in Windows with XPLANE

USER@USER-PC ~/ardupilot/arduplane
$ ./ArduPlane.elf --home -35,149,584,270 --model xplane
Waiting for XPlane data on UDP port 49001 and sending to port 49000
Started model xplane at -35,149,584,270 at speed 1.0
Starting sketch 'arduplane’
Starting SITL input
bind port 5760 for 0
Serial port 0 on TCP port 5760
Waiting for connection …
Failed to load defaults from etc/defaults.parm
bind port 5762 for 2
Serial port 2 on TCP port 5762
bind port 5763 for 3
Serial port 3 on TCP port 5763

I get failed to load parameters everytime I try to run SITL on windows with xplane, do you have any suggestions?

btw: mission planner won’t connect

I’m having the same problem did you ever figure it out? Why is it that none of these questions have answers?

Or you can add --defaults THEPATHTOTHEPARAMFILE (normaly in autotest/default_params/), to make it get the right param file !
Otherwise the use of will get the default param for you