Failed to geotagging photo in mission planner

anybody can help me. i want to do geotagging photo in mission planner. i get message like that "Using AMSL Altitude True Reading log for GPS Messages in order to get AMSL Altitude Log Read for GPS Messages Log locations : 12790 Reading log for CAM Messages Log Read with - 498 - CAM Messages found Read images Images read : 398 CAM Msgs and Files discrepancy. Check it! files: 398 vs CAM msg: 498. how the solution?

The UAV triggered the Camera 498 times but only took 398 photos (or did you forget to put some photos in the folder?).
When I started using the geotagging function I had the same issue. I often had the problem that the trigger frequency was so quick that the camera could not hold up with that speed. That means the flightcontroller triggered the camera but the camera did not take a photo.
Could that be the reason?