Failed to create log - won't log this session

I get this message on Mission Planner with every flight. I’ve tried different micro SD cards, formatting them, even swapping Pixhawks but always the same which makes me think it could be a setting in Mission Planner.

Any ideas?Log

Looks more like a Mission Planner problem.
Probably referring to the .tlog.
Is the drive full?
User permissions problem?
Corrupted directory?

You don’t say what you are running Mission Planner on.

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I agree with @mboland , it is a Mission Planner problem, probably you will find a .bin log on your MicroSd card , try with another Pc.

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I’ve moved the category of this topic and created a pull request to clarify the problem. @meee1 may be able to help with the cause of this.

set your logging directory in MP options. its either a permissions problem, or a space problem

if it’s a windows setup, then it’s a permission issue. Change settings for ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\logs’ folder

Right click the folder then select security tab - in group or user names, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES & edit the permissions (select full control) - apply changes