"Fail to update home position"

I got to fly my Pixhawk for the first time today and have a couple of questions. I am using V2.78b firmware in a park flyer airplane.

  1. Occasionally when I connect telemetry in mission planner I get the message “Fail to Update Home Position”. What does this indicate and what should I do when I see it? When I load the waypoints it asks if I want to get Home as board location, I click yes and the RTL flight mode always works. Just wondering if it’s a bug or if I am doing something wrong. I also have an airplane with APM 2.5 and never get that message with the same firmware.

  2. After I connect it takes a very long to load all the parameters. Also after the first few it only displays the parameter number. Why is it so much slower with the Pixhawk than with the APM? I am using a 3DR radio that I have had for several years with all the default settings. After a flight I can play back the mission and everything looks good. I have checked the signal and it’s always 98 to 100%. Can I do anything to speed up the process?


I don’t think it’s the pixhawk. I noticed the same thing recently with APM. It’s either the FW or MP.