Fail Safe Question

Hello everyone,
My question is regarding the transmitter failsafe operation on the iris +.
Currently I see a checkbox for CGS Failsafe and a option pull down menu for Land, RTL or Nothing.
I know I’m going to get yelled at for this but what I would love to have is another option for my copter to continue on its mission even when transmitter signal is lost, I thought if I selected the Nothing option it would do this but it actually just stops the mission and does nothing.


Ok so I found a little info but I’m not quite there yet, I would appreciate a bit of help.
I have changed FS_GCS_ENABLE,1 to FS_GCS_ENABLE,2. This says it will “Enabled Continue with Mission in Auto Mode” but I must still be missing something because if I intentionally turn off my transmitter it will still return to Land.

FS_THR_ENABLE needs to be set to 2 as well to continue in auto mission on loss of rc transmitter signal.

Thanks for the tip, I will try this as soon as I get home tonight.

I’ve recently updated the radio failsafe wiki page a bit:

The failsafe set-up page on the mission planner is a little confusing because the labelling and position of the items is not very clear.

The very top drop-down controls the Radio failsafe (aka Throttle failsafe) - this controls the behaviour when the RC transmitter and receiver lose contact.

The GCS FS Enable checkbox is for the behaviour when the telemetry link is lost (i.e. 3dr radio link) between the ground station and vehicle.

The very bottom drop down is actually for the battery! this drop-down is very misplaced and it should be higher up where the “Low Battery” label appears.