Fail Safe does not include RTL option

I have a problem with Fail Safe option … And if I set up that I have a chance of signal loss includes RTL, the menu includes an option to permanently Land. My settings are as follows:
cells illuminated MWP 1040
station extinguished MWP 990
My value for ignition RTL options 1020mwp.
What’s the problem?

Not sure I totally undestand your question but there should be a number of failsafe options on the Mission planner’s >> INITIALSETUP >> Mandatory HArdware >> Failsafe screen including:

Enabled Always RTL
Enabled Always LAND

 Are you not able to see these options?

I’m sorry I do not speak English very well :slight_smile:
I set FS to RTL but when unplugging my quadrocopter transmitter includes LAND mode. ò.ó

It will switch into LAND mode if it thinks it’s very close to home. I think if it’s within the WPNAV_RADIUS distance (which is in meters) from home it will switch to LAND…ah, it will also switch to LAND if it doesn’t think it has a good GPS position so maybe that’s the problem.