Fail Configuration w Ublox M10 GPS

Recently installed a GEP-M10-DQ (GEPRC) which uses a Ublox M10 chip. I had to splice the GPS cable with the Pixhawk1-1M controller. I get good GPS readings with 24 satelites and HDOP = 0.6 But it wouldn’t arm because it was indicating GPS configuration fail. I had to disable that arm check to be able to fly. The Rx cable to the GPS looks good on visual inspection, soldered and shrink-wrapped connected to PixHawk Tx

I have it autodetecting GPS format and “save config when required”. Since It works quite well, is it neccesary to Save configuration? Constant attempts to configure the GPS might affect it’s thoughput… IDK.

Just in case it serves someone, I have turned of “save GPS config” and everything works fine. It’s possible it could be faster with a more dedicated configuration, but this produces good position fixes, but I think they may be limited to one per second. I don’t know if the config error is because the 4.3.7 arudpilot is not completely compaitble with this M10 or what produces the error.

I don’t get that error with the M10 I have. A dirt cheap Flywoo module installed for trial.

check the wiring, a pin might have come out the connector.