F450 ESC burns when throttle applied

Hi all,

as I burned second ESC I decided to ask for help.

I bought this kit F450:

The Remote Control FlySky FS i6.

The battery is 4s 1800mAh 75C very similar to this one:

I’m not sure that I was able to calibrate the ESCs, but after the calibration, I applied a little throttle. There was a spark in one of the motors and the connected ESC get into fire. I disconnected the battery. The motor was noticeably harder to spin compared to other motors.

I bought another ESC (which is the same model except the connectors are different, is this a priblem?) and motor. I replaced them and added a fuse for 30A (not sure that this is reasonable, but decided to try). Again the same thing happened on another ESC. The ESC again burned immediately like 0,2sec after the throttle is applied. Please help me what can be wrong? I’m thinking that this 2212 motor may not support the 4s battery, but I believe that it should not burn so fast and maybe spin for few mins before getting overheated.

This looks similar to what you purchased, note the description that says “2-3s”.

#2212 920KV Brushless Motor CW CCW 30A #simonk ESC 2-3S For F330 F450 F550 X525 RC #Quadcopt

Checkout “e-calc” at the link below, which will tell you almost everything you need to know about what motors and escs can do, and can’t do. It may save you a lot if money and frustration. Good luck!


Recently, I did the exact same F450 build with stock ESCs and motors. During the maiden, one of the ESCs started smoking after like 30 seconds into the flight. I used a 3S battery, and so I don’t believe it’s the battery. Afterwards, I changed the stock motors and ESCs to new ones, and now this little quad flies just great.

I would suggest that those ESC’s are junk quality. Any ESC today that is generically labeled “SimonK xA” is likely to be junk.