F450 dji with apm 2.6 controller - pid parameters for 4s lipo battery?


I’ve a drone with 3DR APM 2.6, and I would like you to tell me a better parameters to tune the PID of my drone.
I want to use 4S Li-Po batteries, and the frame of the quad I’m using is a F450 from DJI and motors 2312E also from DJI, and 420LITE ESC, as well from DJI. Propellers are 9.4 x 5" .
I attach you three pictures, of the parameters I’ve tested. With 3S Li-Po batteries, the parameters specified in “PARAMETERS_3S.png” work fine.
However, in order to use it with 4S, I made the autotune (“PARAMETERS_4S_AUTOTUNE.png”), but it does a lot of oscillations and it’s really twitchy, especially if it descends a lit bit quickly in RTL mode.
I improved the parameters writting them manually(“PARAMETERS_4S_MANUALLY_OK”), but however I get oscillations by descending quickly, and it’s still twitchy.
Could you attach me a picture of best parameters for my drone ?

Thank you so much,

David Méndez

Two things that helped me when I had this problem…

  1. What you are referring to (oscillating when descending) is a definite sign (to me) that the motors need to be lubricated. Likely more apparent on your drone by the heavier 4S battery, than the 3S. I use 3-4 drops of synthetic Mobil 1 (5-20) on the top bearing and the same amount on the bottom bearing; every 5-10 flights.

  2. Bringing down the Mission Planner program… Go to: Config/Tuning > Basic Tuning… Bring the first slider (RC Feel Roll/Pitch) down a bit, to about 80; to make it less “twitchy”. Then go to the bottom slider (Climb Sensitivity) and make it less. (0.5 makes my loiter & descending nice and smooth).