F450 battery drain

Hello everyone I have a f450 1.5 kg tow, with 1038 props 2212 920kv motors and a 4200mah 3s battery
In my last flight, i was down to 10.8(3.6 per cell) pretty quickly in less than 3 minutes. With a 15A draw while hovering I had calculated a 10 minute flight but I only got 3 .
With the setup I have now, could I use a 4s?

I have a much modified F450. The 920kV are dji knockoffs. The battery is 4s, 2200mah gens ace. The tow is 0.94kg and will fly around for 15mins and accumulated route around 7km. It will hover 20mins plus. So 4s does not worry these motors. They have never been hot yet. 1038” props. Hover around 6 to 7Amps.
If all you other electrical ratings will accomodate 4s then I would give it ago. When I stop after a flight the battery should be 15V or larger after a 30s recovery.
But 1.5kg is a solid weight. That would be too much for me. Headroom. Someone may have different views and experience.
I have often wondered about more weight and whether I would reduce the prop diameter.


That depends on the maximum number of watts that the motor can sustain. There are many versions of this motor and not all can handle 4s. Too many watts will burn up a motor and esc. Prop size also figures into this.

I’ve used several different versions of this motor, none of which showed flight times as short as yours, even with smaller 3s batteries.

So, have you checked that your battery charger is working correctly? And that your battery is fully charged?

If your temperature is well down then that can have a major impact on battery capacity.

hello again .
i got my hands on a 4s 5000mah battery
the quadcopter waighs 1300g and has a 2212 920kv motor (gennue dji ) . is the 1038 propeler ok ,or i need to have a smaller propeler ?

yes my charger is working corectry .

What is the difference in weight of the 3S 4200mah battery and the 4S 5000mah battery? If we assume it’s ~235g then you should be OK with the 1038 props. It’s slightly over max rated power for those motors but that would only be a problem with sustained full throttle flight.

hello evrybody again . im back from a test flight
2212 92kv motors
1038 properlers

4s 5200mah (462g) (aprx 70g more )

it was a realy smooth flight (6 min landing at 14.6) and after landing the moters were prety hot but the esc had a ok temp.

should i change smt ?

Tuning can effect this. Post a link to a flight log.

.bin .log or .tlog ?

The .bin file is most useful.