F405wing , Throttle stuck midflight , otherwise full control

F405WING in AR900 wing . Had a normal flight trying to setup airspeed sensor . I had ARSPD_USE =0 while ARSPD_AUTOCAL=1 while I flew for about 5 min . As soon as airspeed numbers agreed with ground speed I proceeded to change ARSPD_USE=1
I had holybro telemetry radio setup with GCS running mission planner . While I was making this change in parameters I had wing circling overhead in RTL . When complete I proceeded to switch back to FBWA and continue flight with the wing using now calibrated airspeed sensor .
At this point I got a low battery warning in goggles so I knew it was time to land . When I switched from RTL to FBWA the throttle refused to respond . It was not wide open it seemed , just where it already was in RTL . Otherwise I had full control no problems except for stuck throttle . Clipped some trees coming in to land hot and crash . Thanks to lost model buzzer I was able to retrieve wing .
My first guess was that I really did not switch from RTL to FBWA and was using STICK_MIXING to fly in what I thought was FBWA .
The app in mission planner is very ugly and difficult to use so when looking at SD card LOG I really cant tell if this is what happened . Flight modes appear as tags at bottom of graph and RTL and FBWA both appear on top of each other . I cant tell if I switched to FBWA in flight or after it was on the ground still recording .
I am using luminier BLHeli_32 , 51amp esc with telemetry going to OSD for rpm .
Normally I send both RC command and get telemetry over single MAVLINK2 Uart .
This is not possible as holybro radio requires same setup and it doesnt work when youve got two uarts set set MAVLINK2 .
the crossfire nano Rx was setup for SBUS and holybro was setup for MAVLINK2.
I say throttle appeared stuck in cruise but battery was low at this point so it might have been wide open .
Channel configuration

servo output on F405 wing with BLheli esc
SERVO1= throttle ( dshot group 1) throttle signal to ESC
SERVO2= throttle (dshot group 1 ) I left it unplugged
SERVO3=left elevon
SERVO4=right elevon

I have included log file of flight and parameter file for flight controller setup .
The BLHeli_32 esc was in default settings ( I might of had to reverse direction , thats it )
So much for uploading files . I cant believe this will not take these two small files !!!
if anyone knows how to get these files in here let me know

Any help much appreciated . I really cant fly until this is figured out . Too much liability with out of control wings flying around !

Thanks again