F405 WMN Yaapu telemetry for Frsky not working

F405 WMN Flight Controller

Taranis X9D Plus OpenTx latest firmw yaapu latest firmware
R-XSR receiver smart port wired directly connected (no inverter) to SERIAL 1 (USART1) TX1 pad flight controller.


I copied the script files yaapu to my radio, started the script from telemetry page, but nothing happens, also not seeing any new data on telemetry page while “discovering sensors routine”.

I suppose that the Smart port signal inverter is not necessary since parameter SERIAL1_OPTIONS 7 is inverting data

Any clue why not working?

f4 chips serial ports don’t have inverters, that only works on H7 and F7 boards.

I had a similar confusion. The parameter bitmasks for tx invert don’t work for most f4 boards. I bought a simple in-cable inverter for under 10 quid. Amazon! It’s called a FRsky telemetry pixhawk 4 converter but works on the f405wing FC and comes with cables to suit the telemetry output to go straight to the sport pins. Worked by setting serial(x) to frskypassthrough no set bitmasks. Got. Yaapu telemetry widget working nicely.

Thanks, I will check!!