F405 Wing - Easy OSD Config?

Hi All,

I had some experience with an Pixhawk FC and Arducopter but mostly used INAV in the past on my planes.

Recently I bought a Matek F405 Wing for my AR Stealth Wing to have the choice of both, INAV and Arduplane and compare both in the same vehicle.

My biggest challenge left is: Is there any easy way to setup the integrated OSD of the F405 Wing?

I found a tutorial on youtube, where the guy uses the Parameter Tree to manually set the activation state and Position of every single OSD element. But This is taking forever and I have not yet tested if this is live, to check it in my FPV goggles of if i have to reboot everytime.

Is there any way or any tool available to configure the OSD via an GUI like in INAV? Or is it possible to flash and configure MWOSD to the F405 Wing separately and set tis up? I was not able to find anything abot this through google :frowning:

hey marc,

no reboot required when setting panel positions. adjust desired parameter, hit save and the item will move live on screen. there’s no graphical interface as elaborate as in INav as for now. there’s a basic default panel arrangement though, allowing to move or add specific panels and screen layouts to meet personal preference. while this surely is not as convenient as a dedicated GUI, you’ll likely have to go through this process just once. if you save and backup your OSD parameters once you’re done, you can just use the file to reduce all subsequent OSD setups to a single click procedure.

cheers, basti.

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Hey Basti,

thanky for your reply. Then I’ll do that after I finished my INAV testing.

One additional question: Is there an option to switch between different OSD layouts? Maibe with any desired channel? I’d like to have at least one complete layout with a lot of information for autonomous missions and one more simple for manual cruising. I cannot check right now.


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hey marc,

see OSD_CHAN, OSD_SW_METHOD and OSDn_ENABLE params to setup various screens and toggle them by RC channel input.


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OK Thank you guys for your help. I’ll try that. Have a nice Weekend! :slight_smile:

Having recently started to play with an F405, I actually considered modding one of the many minimOSD layout programs until I saw the state of the source code! Congratulations to the guy who actually made it work, but I think it might be easier to start again.