F35 Lighting FC I2C pad

Hi everyone.
I wanted to connect an external compass to the F35 Lighting FC REV 0.1 (this is important because the REV 0.2 has an SDA and SCL pad), problem is I can only find an I2C pad but no SDA and SCL pad… Am i missing something? I already found out that the wing 10 board and the F35 use the same firmware and the Wing 10 board has an SDA/SCL pad so maybe it should somehow be possible even wit the REV 0.1.
Here is a picture: https://ibb.co/ZXw4xW4
Thanks in advance

Looks like a solder jumper… had a quick scan of the manual and the version on from yours has the same thing albeit in a different place. Is there an SDA pad underneath?