F.port on kakute F7 mini

I need help with setting up Kakute F7 mini with f.port2 (f.port with access firmware), setup with CH1-CH16 using R-XSR receiver.

Firmware is stable copter4.1.5

with settings above, it works for few seconds when powered on, then stops working

here’s the yaapu message:
INF ArduCopter V4.1.5 (1002fd6e)
DBG RCInput: decoding FPORT
INF Calibrating barometer
INF barometer 1 calibration complete
INF ArduPilot Ready
INF AHRS: DCM active
INF RCOut: DS1200:1-4 PWM:5-6
INF EKF3 IMU0 buffs IMU=9 OBS=4 OF=8 EN:8 dt=0.0120

after that no more RC input and telemetry

can anyone help?

here’s the message from Mission Planner:

ArduCopter V4.1.5 (1002fd6e)
ChibiOS: 45395b6a
KakuteF7Mini 00300046 31385113 38343530
RCOut: DS1200:1-4 PWM:5-6
IMU0: fast sampling enabled 8.0kHz/2.0kHz
Frame: QUAD/X
Radio Failsafe - Disarming
EKF3 IMU0 tilt alignment complete
PreArm: Battery 1 below minimum arming voltage
PreArm: Radio failsafe on

It seems you are testing on bench and losing connection between the radio and onboard transmiter. Move the radio further away as if they are too close they will loose the connection.
Usually I put the radio 1m+ away.

thank you for the reply,

actually that was the first thing I tested, and no it doesn’t work. Connection is also not a problem, I tested with INAV with both S.Port SBUS and F.port.

This looks very similar with SBUS & Frsky passthrough when I switched from 4.0.7 to 4.1.x.

with 4.1.0 only F.port works, if I use SBUS with S.Port then connection only last for a few second, then no RC in or telemetry.

4.0.7 has no problem

a couple of test here:

using SBUS and S.Port with these param:

this results in RC input and no telemetry

this results in telemetry over s.port, but then cut off 1 second after startup tone
I cannot verify any RC input during boot up

using F.Port with these param:

this results in RC input and no telemetry

got both telemetry and RC input, until about 2 seconds after startup tone, then both got cut off.

I badly wanted to use 1.4.x on this board, but this hurdle I cannot break for months

With the most recent Fport receiver firmware for ACCST there is a known bug in the firmware where it is not emitting well-formed telemetry packets. Maybe it’s affecting ACCESS too? I downgraded to an earlier version to get it working for ACCST.

When using S.port you need to use two separate UARTs, one for Sbus for RC input and one for S.port for telemetry. Both need to be inverted.

The S.port one should connect to a TX pad and use SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 10, SERIALx_OPTIONS = 15.

thank you for the reply,

ah, I haven’t tested s.port with separate serial ports since I’ve used up all of them. Last time I tested them in 4.1.0 it didn’t work.

yes, I can confirm with ACCST F.Port it has lots of problems, until recently I upgraded to ACCESS then F.Port is pretty stable. The only reason I used f.port is because last time when I tested on 4.1.0, S.Port stopped working, only F.Port worked.

I’ll try to free up 1 more serial port and test it with SBUS and S.Port. If still not working, then my only solution with this FC is either downgrade to 4.0.7 (worked with both SBUS S.port, and with F.Port) or use INAV (worked ok, but not as sophisticated as ardupilot), or just give up yaapu telemetry (OSD only).

Same issue here with another FC, same rx in ACCESS.