F-35b VTOL setting question pixhawk4

Hello, I am a Korean who is making the f-35b. Please understand that I do not speak English and use Google Translate.

I’m trying to hover as my first target with pixhawk4.
Transition flight is the second goal.
This is my first time using Ardupilot and I don’t know anything about it as it’s a beginner’s skill.

I’m studying hard, but I’m having a hard time setting parameters.
The problem is not seen even when I look for Q_TILT_ENABLE = “1”.

I am using plane ver 4.17

Features of the F-35B
There are two tilt servos for roll and yaw.
The switching FBWA servo is separate.

I need expert advice.

This is the value I set. Since I am a beginner, there may be some mistakes.

Q_ENABLE = 1 : Apply quad plane
Q_FRAME_CLASS = 1 : for quad
Q_FRAME_TYPE = 16: plus + frames, NYT , yaw torque is skip
Q_TILT_ENABLE = 1 : This is invisible. Q_TILT_FIX_GAIN = 1 ? Is this a replacement?
Q_TILT_TYPE = 1 :Binary
Q_TILT_MASK = 8: Tilts only motor #4. + frame
It was made because the thrust of the wing fan was weak.

*plane spec
front 70mm ducted fan thrust 2.7kg
rear 90mm ducted fan thrust vtol 4kg, fix wing 5.7kg
wing 40mm ducted fan x2 (left, right) thrust 200g
Front roll Servo (roll) It was made because the thrust of the wing fan was weak.
Rear roll Servo (roll + yaw)
Transition tilt 3 Servos (rear)

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Impressive work,

In principle, the parameterization should be done like this:

The arrangement of the thrusters corresponds to a Quad Plus Frame.

For yaw control, the control via different torques of the impellers is of course not possible. Therefore, the solution remains with a non-vectored yaw. I assume that the control electronics of the Swifel Duct work via a yaw and a tilt servo input.

Good success
Regards Rolf

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment.
I set it up as you taught me, but
If Q_FRAME_TYPE = 0, the 1~4 motors operates during yaw(stick rudder ch4).
Normal hovering does not work.
Therefore, I set Q_FRAME_TYPE = 16.
During TEST, the rear has no reaction and the front has a reaction, so there is no problem.
Currently, the most important problem is that the servo for yaw is not responding (Function 39).
There is no response even if Q_FRAME_TYPE = 0.
It would be nice if only the TailTilt Servo responds, but it would be nice if there is no function yet or if it is improved.

Now, I’m going to try setting it up as a Tricopter and testing it.
Thanks again for your kind comments.